Ethnically Inspired Medical Wigs

Pamela Shaddock, Co-Founder                         Dianne Austin, Co-Founder

Pamela Shaddock, Co-Founder                               Dianne Austin, Co-Founder

Images shown represent afro textured hairstyles only and are not meant to imply that the models are wearing wigs.

Wigs for all


If you are a cancer patient who has lost her Afro kinky/curly, braided, or textured hair, you are not likely to find a wig that looks like your hair at a cancer center retail store that you can purchase with your health insurance.
Every woman, regardless of hair texture, deserves a wig that resembles the hair that she lost.
Coils to Locs supports hospital cancer centers ability to provide equal access for all of their patients regardless of hair type by offering contemporary, ethnic textured synthetic wigs ranging from Afro kinky/curly to braided styles.
Coming Soon: Wigs for women who well, just love wearing wigs!

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