I’m a Certified Lace Wig Maker!

I’m a Certified Lace Wig Maker!

Pamela and I, in partnership with business partners are working feverishly but strategically to launch our wig business with the goal of positioning Coils to Locs as the high quality wig choice for women of color who choose to wear their hair natural and are suffering from medical related hair loss or alopecia.

We have lots of expertise to draw from behind the scenes to help guide us but it was important for Pamela and I to have a better understanding of what goes into the making of a quality wig in a more practical way.

This past March, I leapt at the opportunity to take a 2-day lace wig making seminar which allowed me to learn first hand about wigs. We actually learned how to make hand tied customized wigs and I obtained certification as a Lace Wig Maker.

Although I do plan on making a few wigs, my real interest in taking the class was to gain a better understanding of wig quality based on hand tying (ventilation) techniques, wig sizing, cap construction and to learn the wig terminology used by wig manufacturers. This puts us in a better position to understand what constitutes a quality wig versus a poorly made wig and to ask the right questions of our vendors.

More to come! Be sure to follow us to get updates on what we are up to as we work towards a fall launch.