WOC with Cancer & Survivors October Workshop Pics – Next Meeting November 18th Featuring Jacquie Wilson, LMHC

WOC with Cancer & Survivors October Workshop Pics – Next Meeting November 18th Featuring Jacquie Wilson, LMHC

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Phew!  The first Women of Color with Cancer and Survivors Health, Wellness and Beauty workshop took place on October 7, 2017 at the Kroc Center.

The inaugural workshop was a “Meet and Greet” followed by an overview of upcoming workshops.

If you have been touched by cancer no matter where you are in your journey, or support someone going through the experience, you’ll not want to miss our future health, wellness and beauty workshops; all held at the Kroc Center, Salvation Army in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Learn more about our upcoming workshops including dates and registration information by clicking here.  Or, be an early bird and register today! Jacquie Wilson, LMHC and psychotherapist will lead a workshop called “Don’t Forget Self Care” during the November 18th workshop.  Spread the word!

Note: Registration opens one month before the date of the event.

Many thanks to all of my volunteers for all of their selfless work for the last few weeks to make this day a success:

  • Paige Austin
  • Carolyn McCloud
  • Cheryl McCloud
  • Stephen McCloud
  • Victor Merritt
  • Ed Shaddock
  • Kimberly Shaddock
  • Josephine Shaddock

They are my “Happy Helpers” (cause they sure ain’t getting paid)!  But that’s family for you!  Love you all!

A special thank you to Dr. Jonathan Jackson and Mrs. Emily Gorton with the Massachusetts General Hospital Lazarex Cancer Care Equity Program for sponsoring our meetings and for your continued, selfless and undying support of everything we are doing to bring these programs to communities of color.

With Appreciation,

Dianne & Pamela

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Make Sure That Your Voice Is Heard - Medical Hair Loss Survey

If you've lost your hair due to chemotherapy or another medical reason, we want to hear from you.

Our survey will take less than 4 minutes to complete. Your thoughts will provide proof positive that there are real women of color out there experiencing chemo/medical hair loss that don't want to be ignored in the hospital wig marketplace.

With appreciation,
Dianne & Pamela
Co-Founders, Coils to Locs