Learn Mindfulness and Meditation – Workshop Series for Women of Color with Cancer, Survivors and Caretakers

If you are a cancer patient, survivor or loved one supporting someone through their cancer journey, no one has to tell you how stressful the process can be. It’s time to learn to become more grounded, handle stress and relax, registration is now open for our Mindfulness and Meditation workshop scheduled for Saturday, January 12, 2019.  All are welcome. The workshop lead, Bob David with the Boston Medical Center has led many of these healing workshops for cancer patients and caretakers.

Why you need this workshop:

You will experience simple calming and relaxation meditation and practice a basic mindfulness technique that can help us get a clearer perspective on our own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This in turn can help us become freer, more at peace, and more open to discovery.

The session is led by Bob David, Manager of Cancer Support Programs at Boston Medical Center. Bob facilitates many of the monthly cancer support groups as well as various events and feature programs. Cancer survivors and their guests, regardless of where or when treated, are welcome to participate in most of these programs. Bob also leads a weekly Body/Mind Awareness Class as well as quarterly Mindfulness Workshops.

Register Today: http://coilstolocs.com/Mindfulness

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