FREE Weekly Body/Mind Awareness Class – Boston Medical

FREE Weekly Body/Mind Awareness Class – Boston Medical

This class meets every Wednesday at Boston Medical Center, Moakley Lower Level 830 Harrison Avenue, Boston, from 4-6pm. Can’t get there by 4 p.m.? That’s okay, drop in at any time! Registration not required – just stop by!

The class will begin with loosening, strengthening, and coordination exercises. There will be a focus on tuning in and noticing subtleties of the body’s reactions. Then we will do several gentle, somewhat meditative, Qigong/Tai Chi-type exercises, paying attention to balance, weight shift, rhythm, and breathing. Finally, we will learn and practice the “Infinity Movement,” which is both relaxing and stimulating, unifying the whole body and mind, surprisingly fundamental to creative movement, and potentially very healthful. Some of the exercises will be set to music.

In the weekly class, we add some other exercises and end with meditation. Also, most every week there is another class following immediately at 6:00 or 6:15.
For more information, contact Bob David, Manager, Cancer Support Programs at 617-638-7540 or via email at

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