A Business Poised To Win

A Business Poised To Win

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Starting the Coils to Locs business journey almost 5 years ago we had no way of knowing what our vision would blossom into. Would we succeed and become a business poised to win? Fueled by passion, desire and a need, our vision came to life – providing ethnically inspired wigs for black women and others with highly textured hair in the chemo hair loss space. An option that wasn’t available to Dianne after loosing her afro textured mane to the chemo cocktail given her when being treated for breast cancer in 2015. Our desire to make a social impact, serving black women who’s coily, curly crowns are often misjudged or overlooked, was fully realized in the Fall of 2019.

Women Poised to Win

Things are changing though and one company “helping women-owned businesses challenge the status quo” is Poise. As recipients of a recent Bounce Back grant from Poise, change along with growth will continue to happen faster for us and other female entrepreneurs! Thanks to Poise we can scale our business going into 2021 better able to serve our target market. 

We acted on a vision and brought Coils to Locs to life and now the option for coily curly wigs has become more readily available for women like Dianne. Women with kinks and curls are now starting to be able to use their health insurance and get the type of options that speak to their hair type. Giving them the ability to receive the personalized quality care that comes with purchasing directly from a cancer boutique and medical salon.

Positioned and Poised for Growth

Dianne and I always speak to how no one person or business exists in a vacuum because it takes a village. In a recent post, small businesses have big social impact, we try our best to shout-out all of our supporters. It means so much for small businesses to be seen and heard for what we do. You sometimes lose sight of the impact you’re making when performing the daily grind of an early stage start-up. Enter corporations like Poise to remind you of it.

Thank you for creating the Poise Bounce Back grant! We are so humbled by your generosity and desire to see women entrepreneurs thrive. It is with gratitude and grace that we accept your recognition of this growing enterprise, Coils to Locs, as a company you can get behind. As a business poised to win.

Photo by Alex Joachim.

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