Advisory Board

Meet our expert advisory board members who will help to move the vision of Coils To Locs forward both pre and post launch.

Evelyn Abayaah, MS HMP, Project Manager

Evelyn Abayaah, MS HMP, is a Project Manager at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center, managing mostly the MGH CC/Carebridge Collaboration as well other Cancer Center international projects and Network Development/ Business planning projects.  Her previous roles have included Performance Improvement in the Center for Quality and Safety and Operational Efficiency projects in the operating room.  Evelyn earned her Master’s of Science in Health Management and Policy and her Bachelors of Science in Health Education at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  Evelyn Chairs the Association of Multicultural Members of Partners.







Elisa Perry, Consultant, Fashionista and Cancer Survivor

With expertise in both the entertainment industry and non profit sector, Elisa Perry provides a wealth of knowledge and community, corporate, and personal connections to Coils To Locs. She has professional experience with numerous charities and events companies as a consultant, volunteer and executive. She is a successful fundraiser who has worked for The March of Dimes, Alzheimers Association, The Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, American Heart Association, Avon 3 Day Walk For Breast Cancer, The Unusual Suspects Theatre Program, and Lamp Community. In addition to her development experience she is a fashionista who prides herself with transforming ready to wear fashions into today’s fashionable trendsetting attire. Her journey from perms, to weaves, to wigs, to coils started ten years ago when she decided to wear wigs to grow out her perm. After a year of growing out her hair she then lost it to chemotherapy. Elisa has been wearing her hair chemical free for nine years. Thanks to Google and YouTube University she is learning to do all types of twists and find the best products for her locks. As a professional actress the hair journey is very essential. In one day of auditions she can go from a wig, to her natural hair in less than an hour.

Michael Sandman: Service Corp of Retired Executives

Mike Sandman is the co-chair of SCORE Boston, which provides free small business consulting under the auspices of the US Small Business Administration. He has had two previous careers, one in composites manufacturing and the second on management consulting for firms seeking to understand their competitors and competitive environment. Mike is member of the finance committee of the Town of Brookline and a past chair of the Brookline Community Foundation.