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Only 2.7% of women who head start ups get funding.1 That’s 2.7%.

But the statistics are more dire for entrepreneurs of color. Black female founders started businesses in 2019 at a 42% increase from prior years, but only .0006% of these businesses get venture capital funding.2 Your dollars, no matter how small can make a difference to a business like ours.

Coils to Locs is a for profit social enterprise. Your gift is not tax deductible, but it will go a long way with helping a small business like ours to achieve a successful national launch. A PayPal account is not required to make a gift.

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Dianne and Pamela


1 Emma Hinchliffe, Funding for female founders increased in 2019-but only to 2.7%. Forbes, March 2, 2020,
2 IFund Women, Fund Black Owned Businesses, Accessed August 23, 2020,

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