Congratulations to Dianne Austin, Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement at Mass General Hospital, who was named 98.5 The Sports Hub’s #EverydayAmazing healthcare professional of tonight’s New England Patriots game! [Read more]

Co-Founder Dianne Austin was chosen as the “Everyday Amazing Health Professional of the Game” as part of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center’s partnership with the New England Patriots Radio network. [Read more]

In 2015, just two weeks before her daughter’s graduation, Dianne Austin got diagnosed with breast cancer.  [Read more]

We are thrilled to share that Dianne Austin, co-founder of Coils To Locs has been awarded the Audre Lorde Spirit of Fire Award! [Read more]

The evolution of your business, Coils to Locs, follows a very personal journey for you. As a cancer survivor you recognized a health-care disparity for women of color — lack of access to and health insurance coverage for Afrocentric, natural wig styles. Your company is poised to be a direct supplier of these types of wigs for Boston area hospitals. [Read more]

The Women of Color with Cancer and Cancer Survivors Health will be hosting monthly workshops focusing on topics related to health, wellness and beauty through the current and post-Cancer journey, while creating a safe space for those facing the challenges of the illness. [Read more]

It’s wonderful when others see your vision and believe that you can achieve your dream to start a business that will have significant social impact. Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation, (DBEDC) an organization that focuses on community development and small business support is one of those organizations. DBEDC partnered with Outside the Box Agency to produce a story telling video that highlights why we are launching Coils to Locs. [Watch the video]

Dianne Austin is a Program Manager at Mass General, and a blogger and advocate for natural hair. After losing her hair to the side effects of chemotherapy, she decided to start a company that will design and provide wigs to women of color seeking wigs that look like their natural hair. [Read more]