A Message From the Coils To Locs Co-Founders: Pre- Business Launch Update

A Message From the Coils To Locs Co-Founders: Pre- Business Launch Update

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There is an old adage that when you are “served lemons, make lemonade”. It’s become my favorite adage because these words get to the heart of why Coils to Locs was born.

My Personal Journey

If you are new to our site, you may not be aware that my “lemons” were served to me in the form of a breast cancer diagnosis in May of 2015 and it was a diagnosis that I would not have expected in a million years. When I lost my hair and could not find an afro kinky wig, I figured that it was time to stop complaining and make lemonade.

Coils to Locs Business Launch

Since 2015, Pamela and I have been laying the groundwork in preparation for our business launch. Here’s were we are as of the spring of 2017:

Validated (and continue to validate) our market
Created a solid business plans and preliminary financials
In early stage conversations with organizations that will help us move the business forward both operationally and financially
Positioning myself as a thought leader in the healthcare disparities arena
Creating Boston Meetup group of women suffering chemotherapy, medical, and alopecia related hair loss that will focus on health, beauty, and wellness.
Organized a cracker-jack advisory board who will help us stay focused and add their expertise to our mission.
Researching wig manufacturers to identify 2 – 4 companies that we will utilize for the production of high quality wigs.
Beginning to identify participants for a video on medical hair loss. If you are interested in sharing your story as part of our video, please inbox us.
Obtained certification as a Lace Wig Maker in order to gain a better understanding of the mechanics behind the wig making process and to be able to visually identify high quality wig craftsmanship.

There is more to come so stay tuned via our blog and/or email list.

Dianne & Pamela

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