Helpful Tips and Trending Resources to Navigate Covid-19

Helpful Tips and Trending Resources to Navigate Covid-19

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In light of the health and safety concerns around the corona virus (COVID-19), we support the CDC and WHO with everyone practicing physical distancing. Let’s do our part to “Flatten the Curve” on this pandemic so we can all get back to mixing and mingling with our extended families, our friends and co-workers, and to a life that involves socializing with our communities at large. 

So, here are 5 easy to remember and implement reminders to aid in stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

1 HANDS – Wash them often (for 20 seconds)

2 ELBOW – Cough into it.

3 FACE – Don’t touch it.

4 FEET – Stay 6ft or more apart from others.

5 FEEL – Sick? Stay home.

COVID-19 – TRENDING Resources:

Did you know that you can get up to the minute information about coronavirus directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s web page? Of course you did, but here’s a reminder:

  • If you have internet access, you can find official updates and helpful tips at:

At Aunt Bertha you can search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

Mental health resources:

If you are experiencing any stress or anxiety, you can find helpful resources for coping at:

Continually updated online, these resources are organized into five domains. Clicking each link within the MGH guide will bring you to the relevant sections as listed below. Within each section, highly recommended resources are denoted with a star (★) and practical recommendations or strategies are highlighted in yellow.

1. General Mental Health and Coping (p.2)

2. Specific Mental Health Conditions (p.5)

3. Families/Children (p.6)

4. Coping Among Healthcare Workers (p.10)

5. Mindfulness and Other Tools (p.13)

Fact sheets in over 35 languages from the COVID-19 Health Literacy Project in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing.

Who Is Hiring:

In addition, because we want you to stay financially healthy as well, click here to see who is hiring during Covid-19.

Be safe. Be healthy. We look forward to seeing you face to face soon!

Dianne and Pamela

P.S. Coils to Locs want to give a special shout out to All of Us New England whose mission is to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. Thanks for this compilation of resources (check out their page for more) and how you continually connect communities with care! 

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