Black Female Entrepreneurs: Remaining a Caring and Connected Community During Covid19 Times

Black Female Entrepreneurs: Remaining a Caring and Connected Community During Covid19 Times

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How do two black female entrepreneurs, (sisterpreneurs we like to call ourselves), in a newly launched small business, remain connected to our community during these trying times?

The World Today

Our entire industry and world has found itself in the midst of a global pandemic. In these rapidly changing and uncertain times, one question we must all ask ourselves is how will we rise to this occasion – personally and professionally? In an ever changing landscape, how can and will we stay committed to our goals and remain productive to our business circles?

There is no precedence for what’s happening in the world today. But what we do have, innately as a human race, is strong will, hope, and faith. What we have is heart and a willingness to rally together in time of need. 

We Are Committed

We want our community to know that during these challenging times Coils to Locs remains as committed as ever to our mission:

Addressing a healthcare disparity for black women and cancer patients of color, who are suffering medical hair loss, and desire ethnically inspired wigs that they can purchase with health insurance.

While also being committed along with all of you in:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of our community at large
  • Remaining a caring and connected community

The Only Constant Is Change

None of us, black female entrepreneurs or otherwise, have any real idea what lies ahead. We have no idea when things will return to normal… or what our new normal will be. The only constant is change as the saying goes and so the only guarantee is that we have no choice but to change with these transformative times. 

Along with all of you, we will do our part to come out on the other side of this crisis stronger, full of gratitude, and more connected than ever to our loved ones and community. With more respect and kindness for the world at large.

We thank you, and appreciate all of you, for your continued support as we all navigate this new world.

To your health, wellness and joy,

Pamela and Dianne

Click here to check out our Covid-19 Support page for helpful resources.

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