From Boston to LA We Are Honoring The Essential Worker

From Boston to LA We Are Honoring The Essential Worker

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Flattening the Curve

Essential workers on the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic are getting much deserved praise these days. Such courageous and honorable actions should… everyday. From Boston to Los Angeles, we see you and salute you! From 7pm across the nation, we collectively acknowledge your bravery and hope such small gestures strengthen and sustain you. We do our part in honoring the essential worker by sheltering at home with an eye on flattening the curve.

As a business directly connected to these awesome essential workers, we want to take the time to highlight our relationships because, they of course deserve it. In essence, give praise to those early adopters, the hospital cancer boutiques, who embraced us and our mission during our pilot launch last November. Now, as we pivot to meet the current circumstances, we do it with humility and gratitude, and continue to meet each other where we are.

The Norm

In spite of everything, unfortunately the Big C is still a big part of human existence. Therefore, it still needs our attention, as do so many other health related challenges. As cofounders of a business associated with cancer patients, we hope someday chemo hair loss becomes a thing of the past. Until then, the women our ethnic wig line serves, desperately want to move forward with their new normal. And above all, do it smoothly and with as much dignity as possible.

That’s where Coils to Locs and cancer boutiques like the following come in. In no particular order, we salute them for their courage, commitment and service to the community, and embrace the knowing that all personal and professional needs will continue to be met.

Our Boston Area Hospital Partners

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Windows of Hope at Beth Israel is a specialty shop for cancer patients founded by a cancer survivor and her husband. It’s dedicated to helping patients with cancer find the products and services they need in one comfortable and convenient location. 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the shop is temporarily closed until further notice and we wish them all the best and a speedy and safe reopening.

Dana-Faber Cancer Institute

Friend’s Place is the place to go if you’re being treated at Dana-Faber. Their mission is “to provide hope, support, and healing in a caring environment.”

As their website states, the creation of Friends’ Place (formerly Friends’ Boutique) came from a conviction that in addition to expert medical care, people with cancer benefit from psychological and educational services to help manage the ways it affects an individual’s quality of life. 

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Images Boutique/Yawkey at MGH includes a staff of American Cancer Society “Look Good, Feel Better” consultants who work with patients to help them look and feel their best during and after treatment. Through the cancer centers Story Project they also shine a light, through capturing personal stories, on patients, friends, family, clinicians, and staff who have been affected by cancer in some way.

Honorable Mention

CaVell’s Boutique

CaVell’s Boutique located in Georgia is our first out of state location and we’re still in a trial phase with them. They were founded on what they say is the simple yet important principle of Embracing Life and Embracing You. Specializing in post-mastectomy services, they provide professional fittings, consultations, insurance billing and so much more.

In Gratitude 

From Coils to Locs wigs and other brands, all of the boutiques offer a variety of specialized products and apparel, and are perfectly aligned with our mission of keeping some sense of normalcy and dignity for cancer patients during a very difficult, life altering time.

In a nutshell, honoring the essential worker, these beacons of light, is easy. They are the heartbeat of our nation and Coils to Locs salutes and celebrates them everywhere they are. 

Thank you!

P.S For our list of Covid-19 resources click here.

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