Pivoting: From Lemonade to Lemons to Lemonade

Pivoting: From Lemonade to Lemons to Lemonade

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Turning lemons into lemonade is an oft used, maybe even over used phrase, when one turns tragedy into triumph. We think it’s a great phrase and it is our adopted motto. It’s what birthed Coils to Locs when Dianne’s breast cancer diagnosis led us to a healthcare disparity we felt the need to change. Lucky for us, pivoting was already in our vernacular.

Regardless, in such times as these, it’s a phrase that our country and people the world over will be clinging to as we search to rise above the many challenges brought on by Covid-19. All of us wishing we could just have a 2020 do-over on what was a very different 2020 vision laid out at the top of the year.

“Great Players Are Made in the Off Season”

For Dianne and myself, the new year and decade started pretty much the same as many, in regard to hitting the refresh button on life. Then bam, the coronavirus hit and words and phrases like “pivot” and “new normal” have become commonplace.  And whether you’re an individual who lost their job, or a small business who just launched (us), or were already financially fragile, we ask ourselves, how can I or will I pivot?

Now of course, saying that we are having an off season, is an understatement. How do I rise above it is the question to ask ourselves?  And whether it’s strengthening old skillsets or getting new ones, learning how to finally apply a little self-care, or connecting more with our family, friends and community, pivot we must.

Tragedy Breeds More Clarity

One of the ways team Coils to Locs is shifting is with a fresh new tagline, “More than just a wig.” We feel it speaks more to who we are and what we do. It expresses on a truer level that kinky-curly wigs for black and brown women suffering medical hair loss, are now available in the cancer space using your health insurance when, unbelievably, in the twenty-first century, it wasn’t before.

With a more focused tagline we’re also pivoting on how we get that message across on all media platforms. We are astonished and excited about some of the major media outlets ready to share our lemons to lemonade story. More to come on that!

More Clarity Leads to Heightened Focus

At all times we must always be thinking of how to be and do better. Tragedy often makes you think and dig deep. The clarity that comes from that reminds you how resilient you really are. Embrace that clarity and feed that focus. We’ll see you on the other side of this… over a glass of lemonade.

Check out our video When Served Lemons, Make Lemonade: Coils to Locs Wigs

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