How An Unexpected Loss Can Empower Us

How An Unexpected Loss Can Empower Us

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Dear Coils to Locs Community

Thank you for your patience. More importantly, thank you for your words of encouragement and your support, while we continue to navigate the unexpected loss of our sister Kimberly. We are so appreciative of such a caring community. We are uplifted and empowered by your kindness as we work to accept this unexpected loss. 

As we hold tight to the dear and joyful memories that make up our life with Kimberly, we are more inspired than ever. Inspired to continue to make a social impact with Coils to Locs. To grow our business to a successful enterprise as Kimberly, with great enthusiasm, was always cheering us on to do.

Our Biggest Fan

Whenever we shared with her any type of business “win” she broke out in a huge grin, then she would nod or comment with approval. Kimberly was and is our biggest champion and now our biggest inspiration. We intend to honor her memory in every way we can by continuing to be our highest and best selves, in all that we do, particularly as it pertains to this business venture that she so loved. Count on us to make her proud!

Our Rallying Cry

“More than just a wig” is one of the rallying cries that drives Dianne and me. Our mission – to disrupt a healthcare disparity. To make sure every black, brown and all women with coily, curly, highly textured hair, suffering medical hair loss, is no longer overlooked. The goal – to have our ethnically inspired wigs represented in hospital cancer boutiques and medical salons across the U.S and beyond, all the while, allowing our love for Kimberly and her enthusiastic spirit to be the wind beneath our wings.

We thank you again for your support. Stay safe and well and make each day count.

With love,

Pamela and Dianne

P.S. It was brought to our attention that our supporters were trying to donate to Coils to Locs these past few weeks through the sponsor button via our website but were unable to, due to some new PayPal updates. 

We are happy to share that the PayPal connection has been updated and you are now able to donate. Click here  to do so.

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  1. Barbara

    Hi, your wig ideas are great!
    Are your wigs available online?

    • Pamela Shaddock

      Currently our wigs are available directly through hospital cancer boutiques and medical salons. See our “Where To Buy” page. Plans to sell online are in the works.


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