Small Businesses Have Big Social Impact

Small Businesses Have Big Social Impact

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Small Business Big Impact

Entrepreneurs and small businesses in particular are an essential part of our community. Some report the very lifeblood of our community. They keep local economies going and create jobs. Small businesses in a major city like Boston, where Coils to Locs is based, tend to offer more diverse inventory or provide exclusive and personalized customer experiences and can be stepping stones of America’s largest corporations. We may be small businesses but we have big social impact. 

Small businesses don’t start and grow in a vacuum though. As the African proverb says, it takes a village. And the Coils to Locs village has been strong and mighty.

From that first building block with Tricia Young of TLE Consulting Group right on up to the recent Bounce Back grant awarded to us by Poise, this small business, making a social impact, simply wants to take the time on Small Business Saturday, to thank those who have believed in us. Especially those early adopters. People who have helped along the way gifting their knowledge, giving guidance, grants, and who allowed us room to grow.

In no particular order.

The Village People 

Small businesses have big social impact

We hope that two heads are better than one but, please know that if you somehow got missed on this list, it is because of our own temporary lapse of memory. Know that Dianne and I are eternally grateful and continually honored that you believe in us. That you see our business as one that is making a social impact – providing coily, curly, highly textured hair wigs for black women and others, in the cancer and medical hair loss space.

To all the small businesses out there keep making that mighty impact in your communities and beyond. Continue to thank and show gratitude to those that help you along the way. And may every Saturday (and everyday) be a successful small business day – we got this!


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