Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m responsible for cancer center boutique wig purchases. How can I buy Coils to Locs wigs for our patients?

A. Simply email our business development staff at to setup an introductory meeting, receive our vendor catalogue, and start the process of purchasing Coils to Locs wigs.

Q. I own a hair salon and I often work with medical hair loss patients. Can I purchase your wigs wholesale?

A. Our business model has been focused on building the hospital vendor and hair replacement, (medical hair loss salon) relationship in order to meet the needs of our target market on a larger scale. The next step in our business strategy will include working with individual beauty salon owners in the future.

Q. I’m experiencing medical hair loss. I see that you sell Coils to Locs wigs directly to hospitals. Can I purchase wigs directly from you?

A. We currently sell wholesale to hospitals and hair loss salons only but that’s changing! A separate line of Coils to Locs wigs will be available direct to consumer on November 30, 2022! Please check the Coils to Locs website for the direct link on this date.

Q. My hair loss is medical related, but it is not due to chemotherapy. Can I still buy a Coils to Locs wig?

A. Yes! In fact, whether you are experiencing medical or non-medical hair loss, or you just love wigs, our mission is to serve all women interested in stylish, high quality synthetic, coily, curly wigs.

Q. I’m not losing my hair, but I love changing my look with wigs. Can I buy Coils to Locs wigs?

A. Absolutely! We are curating a line of wigs for our new online store which will open some time in 2022.

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Q. I want my local hospital to carry Coils to Locs wigs. How can I get my hospital to make your wigs available to cancer patients like me?

A. You can have the hospital get in touch with us directly at or fill out this short web form on our Where to Buy page.

Q. Do you only sell Coils to Locs wigs at cancer center hospitals?

A. We currently only sell our line of wigs at hospital cancer center boutiques and medical hair loss salons. Good news! We’ll be launching an e-commerce site in the next few months to sell a separate line of wigs direct to consumers.

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Q. Do you sell Coils to Locs wigs outside of the U.S.?

A. Our market is currently inside of the U.S.

Q. How do I determine if my insurance will cover the cost of wigs for medical reasons?

A. Check with your health insurance provider to see if your health insurance covers hair loss for medical reasons and to understand their policies around medical hair loss reimbursement which vary by insurer.

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